Stainless damascus

Titanium composites

Stainless damascus

Titanium composites

Our offer

We produce stainless damascus steel and Titanium composites.

Our top product is stainless damascus with ELMAX core.

We have three general product groups: HardCORE, Stainless and Rainbow Futuron.

We deliver premium quality for knifemakers, watchmakers, jewelry makers, pen makers, and other artists.

We systematically evaluate our process using metallography analyses to provide premium steel composites. 


cored stainless damascus steel


stainless damascus steel


titanium damascus and composites

We produce billets in 3.1-8 mm (1.22-3.15 in) thickness and rods in ø 18-45 mm (0.7-1.8 in) diameter. For a production of our stainless steel and composites, we use premium powder steels from Bohler Uddeholm like ELMAX and VANAX or fine martensititc steel like AEB-L, UHB-716 and various grades of Titanium and Zirconium. All our materials are soft annealed for easy processing.