Our story

Knife maker Milan Pokorný is a student of the Canadien knife maker Buddy Weston and in the knife world has his own brand PokornyKnives under which he works. He is especially know for his original designs on pocket knifes. Futuristic and technicionistic designs using materials of extraordinary aesthetical and functional qualities (mammoth accents, stainless damasks, titanium composites). Twenty years of experience and experimenting with unique materials and its structures led him to developing his own materials under the brand FuturonFORGE.

Constructor Marek Procházka is fulfilling his crafting dreams as he is the author of countless workshop tools for production equipment. His fascination with blacksmithing and metallurgy has led him to successfully making several samurai swords. He designs machines that push the technological limits of todays traditional metallurgy to a new height. Mastering the crafting techniques and modern engineering processes (CAD/CAM) has opened a perspective for him to overcome technological barriers of the “impossible” kind in the design process of composite materials for FuturonFORGE.


History and genesis of the project

Among the solutions and materials available on the market, both Milan and Marek (founders of the Futuron project) came to a conclusion, that nothing meets their requirements for metalurgical and knife making visions one hundred percent. They came to a decision to start their own design and production of composite materials – Futuron was born.

After several years of development using the most modern laboratory resources and after building their own sufficient technological and production base, the goal was achieved. Unique composites with original structures and excellent material properties are being created. Our vision is to push the boundaries of the possible a little further again.


Futuron Forge s.r.o.
EU – Czech Republic
Krymská 517/50
460 06 Liberec 6
IČ: 08244189
DIČ: CZ08244189


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